Historical division of the Group, operating since its inception in 1950.

Industrial stamping represents one of the fundamental production processes in different manufacturing sectors. This machining technique is essential to create parts and components of different shapes and sizes with high efficiency and precision.

Technological advances continue to improve this technique, enabling greater customization and more efficient production management.

Core business

  • Automotive;
  • Trucks and commercial vehicles;
  • Agricultural engines and equipment;
  • Earthmoving machinery.


The main technology of the stamping division is obviously stamping, supplemented by all those production processes that allow us, starting from purchased raw materials, to get to the preparation of the client’s finished product.

The available technologies are used and optimized according to client requirements in terms of volumes, tolerances, required quality specifications.


2D and 3D laser cutting


Robotic, progressive, manual stamping

Heat treatment and machining by partner suppliers

Punching and paneling


Robotic or manual welding and punching

Surface treatments of all types by partner suppliers

Assembly, controls with ad hoc machinery, different pre- and post-painting operations


The Stamping Division consists of the following companies and their plants.

Cellino Srl Group HQ Grugliasco

Cellino Srl Unit 1: Grugliasco (IT)

Group HQ

Cellino Srl Bruino

Cellino Srl Unit 2: Bruino

High-tonnage progressive stamping

Cellino Srl Borgaro

Cellino Srl Unit 3: Borgaro (IT)

Logistics hub

Cellino Srl Vinovo

Cellino Srl Unit 4: Vinovo

Robotic stamping and large-scale assembly

Cellino Srl Settimo Torinese

Cellino Srl Unit 5: Settimo (IT)

Thin sheet metal forming by laser cutting and punching

Cellino Srl Poirino

Celmac Srl: Poirino (IT)

Complex products for industrial vehicle chassis

Gervasi Srl Scalenghe

Gervasi Srl: Scalenghe (IT)

Complex products for industrial vehicle chassis

CMK OOO: Kaluga, Russia

CMK OOO: Kaluga

Production of aluminum fuel tanks