In 2010 Cellino Group acquired SHL Production in Poland to manufacture medium and large welded parts.

The Division works to the highest standards with more than 200 types of sheet metal of different grades and sizes.

The highly qualified staff has accumulated experience in plastic and mechanical processing of the most difficult steels. Technological advances enable precision machining.

SHL Production Polonia

Core business

  • Earthmoving machinery;
  • Railway;
  • Forestry;
  • Road construction;
  • Road construction;
  • Lifting equipment;
  • Food & Beverage.


Available technologies are used and optimized according to client requirements in terms of volumes, tolerances, required quality specifications.

Laser cutting

Gas cutting

Plasma cutting

Robotic and manual welding

Precision machining on CNC machines


The Heavy Fabrication Division consists of the following companies and their plants.

Kielce (Pl)

SHL: Kielce (Pl)

Covered area: 30.000 m2

Wysoka (Pl)

Stalobrex: Wysoka (Pl)

Covered area: 9.000 m2